Inner Child Sculptures

Whenever you need inner strength, wherever you happen to be, you can get in touch with the Inner Child. Just holding this small crystal sculpture will help you feel your power, your confidence, and the life within you. The feel of its smooth surface will help even out the bumps in life. Individually crafted from hand blown glass, each sculpture is one of a kind. Just like the child within you.

In 1993, I made My Child Within to hold in my hand to focus me and bring me peace . I am asked continuously to make them for others who find it to be life changing as well. I have been making these sculptures for individuals as a comfort to aid with their own joys and challenges for over 25 years.

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This handheld sculpture has now reached over 75,000 people worldwide and I have personally received testimonials about the empowering effect of this simple, heartfelt gift.



Oprah said it was “such a delight to receive” an Inner Child sculpture. Just like she and 75,000 people all over the world, I hope you will also feel the power of these hand-crafted sculptures.